Why a MOT at Auto Care UK garage makes sense

More and more UK consumers are having their MOT at Auto Care UK garages. They realise that doing so ensures that the test is carried out thoroughly yet fairly. In addition, they know that they will not pay over the odds for the test.

A condition of membership of the Auto Care UK network is that garages offer a fair service. This means that any member who, for example, falsely tells a customer their vehicle requires repair before it can pass and MOT will be excluded from the network.

Given that membership of the network gives independent garages access to things like help with marketing, and specialist training they are keen to stay within the network. Being kicked out of the network has serious implications for the future growth of their businesses. Therefore, they are highly motivated to stick to the rules and offer the best service possible.

It is easy to book your MOT at Auto Care UK. On their website, there is a handy tool to help you to locate member garages in your area. Included on each entry are customer reviews to help you decide which Auto Care UK garage in your area to use.