What are the Signs You’re With a Bad Property Management Company?

A block management company manages everything from setting the service charge to maintaining public spaces. In apartments and blocks of flats they are necessary and an important safeguard for the quality of the block as a whole.

Not all block management companies are created equal however, some are better than others in other words. How do you tell if you’re block management North West company is doing its job, or perhaps more importantly if it isn’t?

It’s very important that you’re able to communicate to your property management company on a human level. Is the company approachable and professional? It’s no good if they’re friendly but ill-equipped to answer your queries.

On a practical side of things, what about service charge? Your service charge is the cost you contribute to things like maintenance of your property, this is set by the North West properly management company itself. Do you know why the service charge is what it is, does it seem a little too high for you?

Are you getting the services you think you should be getting. Many block management companies will bombard you with lots of meaningless correspondence, newsletters etc. Is this a veil for what’s actually going on, or perhaps more importantly what isn’t?
Remember, if you are unhappy with your block management company you may be able to switch.