What Are The Differences Between Kvant Clubmax And Logolas Lasers?

When the specification sheets of KVANT Clubmax and KVANT Logolas are compared, one could say they are both designed as stage lighting lasers. But looking at them closely you’ll find some significant differences.

They are both almost identical when it comes to design of individual internal components – they are both capable of the same laser display performance and both will output the same amount of laser power with the same beam properties.
Although both systems come with inbuilt FB4 laser control interface, the Logolas has this interface hidden inside the unit altogether – and here comes the most important difference:

Logolas is designed and constructed to be used and installed permanently outdoors.

The Logolas housing is capable of handling harsh weather conditions and when installed accordingly to installation manual, it is 100% rain-proof. As such it can be also used in dusty conditions. Furthermore, the Logolas laser display system is equipped with internal heating which makes it usable outdoors even during some cold sub-zero nights.

In opposite to Logolas, the Clubmax systems are designed purely for indoor laser displays. Although, if used in conjunction with rain cover you could run them outdoors, but they should never be installed outdoors permanently.

For more information please follow these two links:

Logolas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_EbCvSIvpg

Clubmax: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjzH-9FJn20