Tips for Direct Mail Success

Even in today’s highly connected world, with many people having smartphones and wireless Internet access, direct mail is still an extremely successful marketing medium. However, a direct mail campaign will only be effective if time, thought and planning has gone into it. Here are some tips to help companies achieve direct mail success:
Communicate with the Mailing House
Companies should communicate with their mailing house frequently. This is especially important when planning a direct mail campaign. A direct mailing services provider will have information about all the options available to a company and could advise them on how to get the best return on their investment. Companies could also find ways they could add extra value to their mailshots.
Perfect the Mailing List
It’s vital that direct mail campaigns are targeted correctly. No matter how clever and interesting a direct mail letter is, it won’t achieve success if it is sent to the wrong people. Prior to a campaign, companies should spend some time perfecting their mailing list, ensuring that it is accurate and relevant. This will help make sure that the mailing campaign has the greatest chance of succeeding.
Take Notice of Competitors
When planning a direct mail campaign, companies should spend some time evaluating what their competitors are doing and how they are doing it. This will help them understand what is working and what isn’t. It will also enable companies to find the best way to exploit their Unique Selling Proposition.