Taxi Services In Oxford

It seems like traditional taxi companies are under threat from the new app-based lift share services such as Uber and Lyft. Some are giving up and parking up, while others are fighting back with unique selling points and dedicated services.

Oxford, the English University city, is not a place to take a car. The city, like its rival, Cambridge, was around long before the combustion engine, and the streets and buildings are not built for modern transport. The larger the number of vehicles clogging up these historic city centres, the higher the chances of air pollution, building damage and congestion.

The council is pretty hot on visitors arriving by car parking and riding the bus instead of expecting to be able to take their car into the city centre. Many of the few cars which are allowed to travel there are taxis. Go Green Taxis Ltd is one of the companies permitted to ferry visitors into Oxford city centre.

Taxi companies are having to smarten up their act in the face of competition these days. Uniformed, professional drivers, low-emission vehicles, set price tariffs for regular journeys and working with environmental organisations are all ways in which companies can differentiate themselves from the ride sharing apps. Maintaining a good safety record, carrying out rigorous pre-employment checks on potential drivers, modern app-based booking and dispatch techniques plus in-house service and maintenance for fleet-branded vehicles have all been suggested as ways to raise the public’s awareness of traditional taxi companies.

Having drivers that know the local popular destinations is always good. In a city like Oxford, that means taxi drivers should know the quickest route from the station to the University colleges, popular hotels, big business parks and the London airports. Choosing a taxi service in Oxford can come down to price. Being able to negotiate set rates with regular clients leaves the door open for discounts on repeat business, and even allows regular visitors to book in advance and ask for a preferred driver.

Tourists heading to Oxford for the first time may have no idea where their hotel is. They may be tired, jetlagged, weighed down with luggage and struggling with the language barrier. Choosing an Oxford taxi is unlikely to be the first thing on their mind, but organisation beforehand can help. Being met at the airport or station by a pre-booked uniformed driver, recognisably representing a taxi firm, ensures that they will reach their destination safely. The city of Dreaming Spires will seem all the more dreamy when the visit starts with a seamless transfer to the correct hotel.

Go Green Taxis Ltd has many of these points in its favour. Uniformed drivers operate liveried low-emission vehicles to a variety of destinations. The company offers airport transfers, executive and chauffeur services. It covers the nearby business parks and hotels as a local taxi service, conducts daily checks on its vehicle fleet and operates a 24/7 service to get customers where they need to be when they need to be there. Plus, the firm has partnered with the World Land Trust to buy several acres of rainforest and planted over 60 apple trees in and around Oxford too.

Choosing a taxi service in Oxford? Go Green is the taxi that doesn’t cost the earth.