Planning Your Couples Massage Spa Day

Are you craving for a dreamy evening with your significant other? There are hundreds of things you can do, like taking a walk or snuggling on a couch while watching a movie. But one of the most romantic things to do is to get couples massage in London. Let us help you plan a spa day for two.

Peachy Massage London is the best place to experience a couples massage in London. A couple’s massage is a delightfully relaxing and intimate experience. During this sexy massage in London, you and your partner will receive a massage at the same time in the same room. It is a bonding opportunity and provides more comfort especially for first-timers (you won’t feel as conscious as you would be when you enter a spa alone). It’s a personalized therapy for the both of you that leads to a healing, healthy and stimulating experience.

The evening is the best time of day for you to set the stage for your sexy massage in London, though any time is great. Your objective is to relax, so clear your calendar post-massage, since you will be in a blissed-out state afterward.

Here are some tips to planning your couples massage in London:

  • Ask questions. There are a lot of spas that promote a romantic experience for you and your beau, but when you arrive, you would be surprised to see that there are no co-ed waiting areas or no couple’s suite.
  • Plan the whole day, with your massage at the center of it. Include eating at least an hour before the massage so you would have some time to digest your food. Avoid planning for a dinner reservation after the session, so you do not need to rush right after you relax.
  • Do not argue before treatment. Arrive in a good mood. Let go of negative emotions.
  • Arrive early and stay late after the massage so you can enjoy complimentary goodies like free access to saunas, pools, gyms, and other amenities.
  • Make sure you have shaved before the treatment, as a courtesy to your therapists.
  • Think about add-ons. Peachy Massage London has a couples massage London pampering package that will allow you to experience sensual pleasure and feel a deeper connection with your partner during this exotic session.
  • Watch your champagne intake. Your blood circulation is a lot quicker after a massage, so you may get drunk easier. A glass after is fine. Drinking a lot before the session also impairs the senses.
  • Turn off all your gadgets. Nothing disturbs the mood more than an incoming text message, email, or phone call. Put yourselves on DND (Do Not Disturb) mode.

A sexy massage in London is offered in dim lights with relaxing music and scented candles. This is the time to disconnect from the distractions in your lives. Reconnect with your partner and create lasting memories. After a one-hour session (or more) of relaxing your mind and removing tension, you both will be better prepared for more sensuous time with each other.