Movies That You Should Miss On Amazon Prime UK

Giving a stiff competition to Netflix and other video hosting platforms, Amazon Prime UK has its own fan following and USPs that makes it favourite in the entire nation. What makes it more popular amongst the viewers is the kind of content it hosts. The collection of movies, TV shows and Amazon originals have received rave reviews from the critics. If you too are a movie buff, here is the list of some fab movies that you should not miss at Amazon Prime UK-

Delicatessen- Released in 1991, starring Dominique Pinon, Marie-Laure Dougnac, this movie is based in a post-apocalyptic Paris. It is a debut movie of Jean-Pierrre Jeunet and was a big hit of the time in black humour genre.
Song of the Sea- Released in 2015, Song of the Sea is an animated movie with a run time of 93 minutes. Being a fantasy movie, it is one of the best children movies on Amazon Prime. It is a story of an Irish boy who discovers various truths about his sister. The saga unfolds in a very mystical manner.
Westworld: Released in 1973, Westworld is Science Fiction with a run time of 88 minutes. It is written and directed by very famous Jurrasic Park author Michael Crichton. The movie is set in a theme park where holidaymakers enact stories from Ancient Rome but things often go wrong and kill tourists.
Bridesmaid: Released in 2011, this is a laugh out loud comedy on female friendship. With the run time of 125 minutes, this movie is a good watch if you want to see some light movie which does not have romantic relationship angle.
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A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night: Released in 2014, this is a horror movie where a girl who everyone assumes to be a prey is actually a predator, a vampire who feeds on those who have earned it. It is actually a good watch if you want to feel the goosebumps.
Martyrs: Released in 2008, with a runtime of 94 minutes, Martyrs is conferred as the torture porn. It is a hardcore horror movie with unexpected twists and plots which take dramatic shift halfway. Go for this movie if you want to experience something horrific on-screen.
The Girl with the Dragon Tatto: Released in 2009, the movie has comparably longer run time of 144 minutes. This movie is an adaptation of Stief Larsson’s bestselling Swedish-language novel. Noomi Rapace has played a role of a computer hacker.
Interstellar: Released in 2014, this is actually a space epic with Christopher Nolan as the director. It is one of the most successful space drama wherein the lead is lost in the universe and carve its own path in the Odyssey.
I Saw the Devil: Released in 2010, this is a thriller based on secret service agent who tracks down a murderer. It is a brutal, tense and interesting flick that would keep you glued to your sofa set for exactly 141 minutes.
Milk: Released in 2008, it is an Oscar-winning movie based on Gay activist Harvey Milk.Milk’s on-screen character played by Sean Penn won Best Actor Award who portrayed the role of an activist with fine details and charisma.
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