Making Your Parties More Exciting With Magic Mirror Hire London

A great party is where the guests and hosts are entertained alike. This is why event planners are coming up with novel ideas to make parties more fun and lively for everybody. One of such fantastic ideas that fascinates everyone in a party is the magic mirror. Magic mirror hire London is one of the most popular components of any party, whether it is a birthday party, a bachelor party, a wedding or engagement party. In the following sections, you will see how magic mirrors add life to your parties.

Magic mirrors are capable of talking and creating animations when a person steps in front of them. The mirror can not only talk, but also create scenes from famous movies and places the person in those scenes. With an interactive voice based platform, they guide the person to click truly amazing photographs, either solo or in groups. There is also a provision of adding custom messages in the pictures and get them printed.

Features of a magic mirror:

  • The screens of the mirror are capable of real-time interaction with the guests.
  • The touch-screen interface of magic mirrors has provisions for signing the photographs.
  • Different pre-set background and animations make sure that guests get to choose their favorite photo background.
  • The magic mirror instantly prints the pictures and the guests can take them home as a souvenir.
  • The magic mirror is more compact than a photo booth.

It is not surprising that more and more parties are opting for magic mirror hire London. Let us now have a look at the various inclusion that are generally provided by party planners that offer magic mirrors for parties:

  • Unlimited high-resolution pictures

It is not possible to predict how many pictures will be clicked by the magic mirror, especially when the guests are having so much fun in front of it. Therefore, most party planners give the option of clicking unlimited pictures with their magic mirrors.

  • A complimentary box of props

In order to add even more fun to the magic mirror pictures, the event planners offer a set of props like cheeky sign boards, wigs, hats, accessories etc. that make the guests enjoy even more.

  • A guestbook

The provision of having a guestbook is a great way to keep a record of the guests and have them share their experience at your party.

  • Attendants to handle the mirror

The event planners ensure that they provide attendants who look after the magic mirror and make sure that the guests do not have any problem using it. They also let the guests know of the awesome features of the mirror and assist in case of any technical problem.

  • Quirky graphics

Keeping pace with today’s generation, magic mirrors come with a variety of stylish features like neon signatures, a great number of filters and screaming feature.

Magic mirror hire London is a great way to make your party a hit. Because of the huge variety of themes and pre-installed graphics and animations, these mirrors make sure that there is never a dull moment at your party.