How to Repair a Dishwasher that is Leaking from the Door

A leak from a dishwasher door can be quite straightforward to repair as it is often caused by nothing more than a faulty door seal. However, this type of fault is not always quite what it may seem.  
There is a widely held belief that water comes into a dishwasher and then rises above the bottom door seal – this is not so. What actually happens is that the water is supposed to stop filling before it even reaches the bottom of the door seal. Indeed, the door seal on a dishwasher is actually designed to act more as a splash guard than as a watertight seal, per se.
Indeed, what actually happens in some ‘leaky door’ instances is that cheap plastic spray arms split and misdirect water directly toward the seal. Naturally, these types of door seals are not designed to cope with constant soaking and therefore they leak.
Of course, buying a new seal will not solve this problem. Instead, a new spray arm needs to be sourced and fitted. Happily, DIY repairers will find this task relatively easy to achieve, especially if they take advantage of the resources available at
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