How To Choose A Solar Company For Solar System Installation?

If you plan on getting the solar panels installed, you must note that they are a long term investment and initially requires a decent sum of money from your pocket. There are a lot of Hampshire solar companies in the market and choosing the right one among them becomes a tough ask. So, how you are going to pick the best one? It becomes difficult if you haven’t got the services before. Here is a step by step guide that will help you.

Make a list

Start by making a list of all solar companies available to you. There are a lot of companies around in Hampshire and you are likely to have a huge list. Then, shorten the list by marking down the companies that are reputable and the ones from where you can potentially take the services.

Pros and cons of companies

Once you have a shortlist, consider the pros and cons of the companies. There are local and national businesses in front of you so think about the benefits and drawbacks to each. Moreover, there is a specialty of every company so make sure that you get to know about it as well before you proceed further. It will help you in eliminating a few more businesses from the paper and you are likely to end up with a pretty narrow list.


Check the credentials of the company. Whenever you are going to a business, make sure that there are qualified and experienced professionals working there. Take a look at their offerings and their staff. See what they can do for you and who else, if any, has taken their services. The credentials help you a lot in differentiating between a good business and a bad business. So make sure that you never overlook this part when selecting a solar company.


Reviews matter a lot and they give you an insight to the Hampshire solar companies. Therefore, whenever you are confused about a couple of businesses and which one to consider, have a look at their reviews. If possible, for those of you that are making a huge investment, talk to the people who have taken their services and get to know about how good they were. You will get to know the positives and negatives of a particular business.

Budget and financing options

Next you have the budget and financing options. For the people that are making commercial investments, it can sometimes get big on your budget. So, make sure that you look towards the various financing options. The UK government has introduced many schemes to help people out. Still, you have the cash and loan along with lease and other options available. Thus, consider your budget and the financing option of the particular company.

Request a quote

Now, you have a few companies in your list, pick up your phone and start dialing their numbers. Make them visit your location and request a quote from them. The companies generally send individuals who will inspect your building and its electricity use before finally making a plan and giving you a quote. This is where the financing options come handy because if it gets out of your budget you can take help from a certain option and get the job done.