How Can Acting Workshops Make Me A Better Performer?

Acting workshops are essential for anyone who wants to become a better entertainer and improve their levels of communication skills, self-confidence and relieve their stress both on and off stage.

In the beginning, taking an acting class may seem like a terrifying and daunting idea as you may be afraid of forgetting your lines, tripping up on stage or perhaps just boring everyone! However if you are an aspiring performer, then by participating in an acting class you can get a much more accurate idea of why you want to do it, perhaps which roles are best for you and you will undoubtedly pick up new tips and techniques to improve your current skills.

Many people report participating in acting workshops to be a success, you can discover a whole new hobby and passion within this class as well as make new friends and encourage yourself to be more open and expressive in your everyday life.

First, your communication will improve, and I don’t mean in the sense of just your vocabulary and grammar. When you have to perform on stage, at some point you will be expected to speak your lines! Therefore you have to speak in a loud, slow paced voice so that people can hear and understand you; you will be pushed to experiment with new tones of voice to add meaning to your words, and eventually will become confident in the unique new voice and method of speaking you have. If you can also put these newfound effective communication skills to use in your own personal life you will find people will listen and respond to you more.

Second, as you take on a new persona on stage you have to fully accept the character, meaning in your own body language and habits. By being on stage you are forced to stop your own nervous habits, look directly into the eyes of your co-performers or at your audience and keep a straight confident stature. Some acting workshops ask you to start off by doing yoga, breathing exercises or meditation to calm yourself so you can fully express yourself on stage.

Third, acting workshops will assist you in relieving stress and tension through creative expression. Many workshops will at some point ask you to prepare a monologue, this is a perfect outlet for your everyday stresses and you can fully act these passionate emotions out on stage. The more dramatic scenes you take on, the quicker you will come to terms with tapping into your emotional range as time goes on and will improve your own range as an on stage entertainer.

Taking acting workshops has numerous benefits for your own personal life as well as for your development as an entertainer. By being challenged in a variety of roles with new people you will not only make new friends in a positive, dynamic and fun environment but you will learn to express yourself in many new ways you wouldn’t have usually done.