Hacks Of The Science Of Arboriculture

Arboriculture commonly known as tree surgery is the science which deals with the care and nurturing of trees.  It deals with a variety of tree care skills which are aimed to improve the health of the trees.

The trained professionals who deal in this discipline are known as arborists. They conduct different kinds of tree surgeries and operations to treat the trees. These experts are well trained and deliver the service in professional manner. Some of the prime tasks include tree removal, garden clearance, pruning, hedging, shaping and maintenance of trees.

There are a number of companies which provide tree surgery in Harrow. They are reputed for their excellent tree surgery service which is delivered by high skilled professionals. Here’s an overview of the different services that are available:

Crown Reduction: It becomes mandatory to reduce the giant trees due to the overweight of the branches. Crown reduction reduces the size of the canopy and prevents the interference of trees with buildings, telephone cables and power lines.  It is an effective technique to reshape the unbalanced trees.

Crown lifting Trees: This method is deployed to increase the space between the lower trunk and the ground level. This improves the visual appeal and allow light to perforate to the ground. Crown lifting must not be done regularly. It would be better if done after some years.

Stump Grinding: When a tree is implanted, some portion of the trunk remains buried in the soil. This leftover part is called stump. Removing stumps is necessary when we need to plant a new tree, set up a lawn, fabricate fencing or pave a driveway.  The stumps can be alleviated using the stump grinder. The grinder has a cutter wheel with sharp blades which chop out the hidden stump.

Dead Wood Removal: Dead wood decomposes naturally and has no bitter aftermaths. However, it must be removed if it lies in gardens, roads and public spaces. The arborists tend to reduce the canopy size and prune the dead twigs and branches.  Crown reduction and thinning techniques are used to remove the dead wood.

Tree Felling: This process is recalled when cutting down the tree is the only alternative with respect to the safety standards. The wood procured is recycled. Planting of new trees is fostered after the old trees are cut.

Sectional Dismantling:  Bacterial and fungal infections pose the capability to damage a tree. It is must to treat the infected tree at the earliest. The arborists can chop off the infected parts and then treat them to reduce the hazards. If the intensity of the infection is high, the arborists use the Mobile Elevated Work Platforms to climb the tree rather than manual climbing.

The tree surgery Harrow simply aims at boosting the life of trees. Regular pruning and maintenance can make trees live longer.  Each time you plant a tree, adhere to some safety techniques and methods. A simple effort will give you a fresh green and healthier environment with an amazing aesthetic appeal.