Association for the UK Enetrtainment

There is “UKIE“. It is the name of an association who promoting, nurturing and protecting the interactive entertainment industry in the UK. The new name of ELSPA the UK’s leading videogames trade body is the UKIE. There members include almost all major companies involved with the publishing and development of videogames in the UK.

List of UKIE Members

Here  some name of members  those are commonly known

Sheffield Hallam University

Sony Computer Entertainment UK

Sony DADC UK Ltd

Square Enix Ltd

Zenimax Europe Ltd / Bethesda Softworks Europe

4mm Games

Activision Blizzard UK Limited

Association for Interactive Media & Entertainment

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH


Benifits of joining the UKIE

UKIE promotes networking

UKIE promotes the industry to policy makers

UKIE and industry events

UKIE and crime

UKIE and education

UKIE and consumers

UKIE and market data

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