5 Things You Must Know While Buying A Wine Decanter

Wine decanters were originally used as vessel to transport wine from barrel to the table. It allowed servants to pour wine more easily. The second purpose of decanter was to allow sediment to separate from the wine as it sat which allowed guests to enjoy the wine free of impurities. However, today the modern filtration techniques and also aging techniques have made the use of wine decanters redundant. Nevertheless, the wine enthusiasts still enjoy using wine decanter to permit wine to breathe before pouring. If you wish to add a touch of elegance, here’s how you can buy a wine decanter.

Choose Between Glass and Crystal: Most of the modern wine decanters are made from either glass or crystal. Although, some of the antique decanters are made from other materials, unless you’re purchasing an antique wine decanter, you will have to choose between glass or crystal. Glass wine decanters can be as pricy as the crystal ones so the price won’t be a proper distinction between them.

The crystal decanters are more detailed with grooves cut with a specific pattern on the crystal. But, glass decanters can be more stylish, with long sleek lines to represent more of a modern look. Both types are delicate, so it totally depends on your taste to go with glass one or crystal one.

HIP TIP: always make sure to rinse the crystal if it’s been in your cupboard for a while because dust and musty odors can affect the wine’s flavor.

Choose The Clarity: Even though the primary aim of today’s wine decanters is to allow the wine breathe, the older bottles of wine that have been stored often contains sediment. And, if your decanter is frosted or colored glass, you won’t be able to spot it easily. A clear decanter will show any sediment clearly once poured.

Choose The Shape: If letting the wine breathe is your primary goal, then choose a wine decanter with a wide neck and wide center. If too much air is permitted to reach the wine, it will begin to sour. Although, it’s not the case if the bottle will be consumed after pouring. Tall decanters can add stunning looks to glassware, but if children are there around, it may not be practical choice.

Choose The Size: The size of the wine decanter is equally important to consider because most decanters hold only 750 ml, but having a bit larger decanter is advised so that the wine does not come too close to the top of the decanter. Wine decanters which are suited for letting the wine breathe should be larger still with most capacity being in bulging center of the decanter.

Consider Your Personal Preferences: Choosing a decanter that is practical may be supreme for you, but they also have the aesthetic value. And, you may want to buy a wine decanter that meets your glassware patterns. However, most wine decanters are an investment, so buy the one that you will be proud to display.

The Bottom Line: There are various styles of wine decanters and different materials used for their production, but in the end, they all do the same job which is to allow the wine to open up and breathe. On top of all this, they also can serve as a work of art in your house.