4 Serene Flowers That’ll Rock The Hot Summer Events

Hey, Summer’s here! The Sun is on fire and the warm weather is an indication to all the clients looking to plan the summer events ahead. You must be lined up with a list of summer events planning. The most crucial part includes the selection of flowers. Flowers are the best way to express the sentiments to make any occasion, a special one.

As far as Wedding event is concerned, you’ll have to pick a seasonal bunch of flowers for a summer wedding. Also, locally grown flowers will be easily available for a better value for money. Whereas, for other occasions like Birthdays, Prom nights, Easter party, St. Patrick’s Day or your anniversary, the joy of receiving the majestic fresh flowers makes a lasting impression.

Flowers are always welcome, but during heating summers, you need to pay attention on which flowers will be able to cope up the hotter temperatures. There is a lot of planning involved in choosing the right flowers for a summer event. Fortunately, there are some fantastic fragrant flowers which maintain their shape and can be utilized as Event flowers Online this summer. I’ve found out the best summer flowers that will surely help you planning for summer floral arrangements. I’ve compiled a list of most versatile choice of flowers which are easily available in a range of colors and schemes and will suit to all types of event themes. Let’s check’em out:


The most romantic of flowers, it is forever popular and available in a wide host of colors and sizes to suit any event or wedding theme. They are a most versatile choice As they mix well with any other blooms to make a perfect bouquet, centerpiece or any floral arrangement. Roses smell divine and are available all the year round and give a romantic feel to any event. While choosing Roses, be careful! If you choose a Rose that is too closed, it will look more like a rosebud and if it is too open, it will look sloppy.


Tulips are the simple and elegant, long-lasting blooms. Similar to roses, they also are available in a range of shades and are ideal for customization. They blend well with other blooms and easily match with the colors and schemes of the themes you prefer.

However, they are more associated with spring, rather than summer. Tulips do not fare well with wire wrapping, so they’re needed to be hand-tied in bouquets. So, they would not be appropriate for corsages or boutonnieres.


These are the best option in an event where you wish to preserve the flowers for souvenirs. Hydrangeas look great whether fresh or dried. They are available in a natural color range such as pink, blue, white and light green, but they can be tinted or sprayed to match any color scheme. These flowers can be bought in bulk as they are widely available during summer months.

This is a finicky flower. To let them look fresh, make sure they have enough water at the stem level as well as on the bloom. Hydrangeas are the best in moderate weather, they may wilt in too hot or too cold weather.

Gerbera Daisies

These are the most popular blooms for weddings and also a great choice for other casual summer events. You can buy these beautiful daisies in a myriad of colors such as red, orange, pink, yellow, peach, light purple, raspberry, maroon and bronze. Gerbera Daisies are in season during the summer months, so you’ll easily get them fresh and they’ll be more affordable. They have a wide petal spread which makes the bouquet or a floral arrangement look fuller. The soft pastel shades like light pink, soft yellow, peach, white and light purple are on trend for the summer of 2016.

However, take proper care of these blooms by watering them and preservation to make sure there’s no bacteria blockage which causes them to droop.

Although there are many options for flowers in these hot months, but I’ve narrowed down the list to these to avoid you getting overwhelmed. You can easily design and create customized floral arrangements matching the event’s theme and color schemes with the above mentioned flowers.

Hope, you liked this article and the most versatile selection of flowers which are the best choices for hot summer events. Happy Summers!!