3 Uses for Privacy Glass

Electric privacy glass is a very modern kind of privacy glass. It works as follows: a laminated glass panel composed of liquid crystal film is activated with a small electric current that changes the glass from transparent to opaque, and vice versa. Therefore, at the flick of a switch you can make a window private or non-private. This contrasts with some other kinds of privacy glass which doesn’t have the capacity to switch back to clear glass. 
This technology has many, many applications, such as:
This kind of technology, and other similar kinds of technology, is used extensively in offices. It can work as highly modern office partitions and can increase the functionality of executive office space and conference rooms.
For some commercial applications the requirement for privacy is explicit. For example, in TV studios it can sometimes be beneficial when spaces can be made more private or less private as needs be.
The advantages of private glass is by no means limited to commercial applications. There are also very many usages for residential purposes. For example, privacy glass can very effectively be used for kitchen partitions, apartment windows or on sliding or folding doors.
Often, magic glass technology is used for aesthetic purposes, especially in the residential sector. However, it can also add security to a space. It is very effectively used for security purposes, for example in entrance foyers or at bank teller counters.