3 Tips for Writing Better PR

Public relations writing is one of the skills modern PAs are expected to have. Many professionals find writing high quality, effective content difficult, regardless of how good they are at other aspects of their job. Thankfully, good business writing is something that you can develop, here are three tips for writing better PR:
You might consider PR writing courses. An effective writing course can make a real different to how you produce written content, and can fill a potential black-hole in your skill set. If you look online you’ll be able to find courses that specifically address public relations writing.
Different kinds of public relations writing has different aims. For example, public relations writing can include press releases, blogs, briefs or online content. Each of these specific kinds of PR writing will require its own approach, tone of voice etc, and so you need to adapt your writing appropriately. A blog might be less formal than a briefing document, for example.
Whilst PR courses will go into great detail about the nuts and bolts of public relations writing, you need to ensure you have the basics down. If your spelling, punctuation and grammar are not up to scratch this can undermine even the very best written content.
The written word is still a very powerful thing, in the context of business, and so the better you can write the more attractive you’ll be as a modern PA.