3 Things that Make a Good Conference Venue

There are all sorts of reasons why you might need a conference venue: perhaps for an academic event, corporate occasion or exhibition. There are plenty of conference venues all around the UK, especially in large cities such as Manchester – but how can you be sure your conference space is suitable? Here are three things that make a good conference venue:

Space is obviously very important. If the room doesn’t have enough space for all your guests then you’ll be stuck. With many hotels that offer Manchester conference venues you’ll find conference halls of different sizes, larger and smaller. A hall that is too large may be as equally as inappropriate as one that is too small.

Functionality is extremely important and you should be looking at conference venues that have all of the appropriate technology, from screens to internet access to telephone lines or just simple flip boards and pens. Having the appropriate AV equipment in place is essential for a smooth-running conference, so it is especially vital to consider a venue’s suitability for such equipment before making your booking.

Access is extremely important and it’s often overlooked. People assume that if a space is large enough then it will be suitable. Access can cause real problems if it’s not suitable, for instance you should ensure there is disabled access, and know access points before the conference day.